WABT(1) General Commands Manual WABT(1)

parse .wat text form and print canonical flat format

wat-desugar [options] file

wat-desugar parses .wat text form as supported by the spec interpreter (s-expressions, flat syntax, or mixed) and prints "canonical" flat format.

The options are as follows:

Print a help message
, --output=FILE
Output file for the formatted file
Turn on debugging the parser of wat files
, --fold-exprs
Write folded expressions where possible
Experimental exception handling
Import/export mutable globals
Saturating float-to-int operators
Sign-extension operators
SIMD support
Threading support
Write all exports inline
Write all imports inline
Give auto-generated names to non-named functions, types, etc.

Write output to stdout

$ wat-desugar test.wat

Write output to test2.wat

$ wat-desugar test.wat -o test2.wat

Generate names for indexed variables

$ wat-desugar --generate-names test.wat

wasm-interp(1), wasm-objdump(1), wasm-stats(1), wasm-strip(1), wasm-validate(1), wasm2c(1), wasm2wat(1), wast2json(1), wat2wasm(1,) spectest-interp(1)

If you find a bug, please report it at
October 7, 2021 Debian