WABT(1) General Commands Manual WABT(1)

validate a file in the WebAssembly binary format

wasm-validate [options] file

wasm-validate reads a file in the WebAssembly binary format and validates it.

The options are as follows:

, --verbose
Use multiple times for more info
Print this help message
Enable Experimental exception handling
Disable Import/export mutable globals
Enable Saturating float-to-int operators
Enable Sign-extension operators
Disable SIMD support
Enable Threading support
Enable Multi-value
Enable Tail-call support
Ignore debug names in the binary file
Ignore errors in custom sections

Validate binary file test.wasm

$ wasm-validate test.wasm

wasm-interp(1), wasm-objdump(1), wasm-opcodecnt(1), wasm-strip(1), wasm2c(1), wasm2wat(1), wast2json(1), wat-desugar(1), wat2wasm(1), spectest-interp(1)

If you find a bug, please report it at
October 7, 2021 Debian