WABT(1) General Commands Manual WABT(1)


wat2wasmtranslate from WebAssembly text format to the WebAssembly binary format


wat2wasm [options] file


wat2wasm translates from WebAssembly text format to the WebAssembly binary format.
The options are as follows:
-v, --verbose
Use multiple times for more info
Print a help message
Turn on debugging the parser of wat files
-d, --dump-module
Print a hexdump of the module to stdout
Experimental exception handling
Import/export mutable globals
Saturating float-to-int operators
Sign-extension operators
SIMD support
Threading support
-o, --output=FILE
output wasm binary file
-r, --relocatable
Create a relocatable wasm binary (suitable for linking with e.g. lld)
Write all LEB128 sizes as 5-bytes instead of their minimal size
Write debug names to the generated binary file
Don't check for invalid modules


Parse and typecheck test.wat
$ wat2wasm test.wat
parse test.wat and write to binary file test.wasm
$ wat2wasm test.wat -o test.wasm
Parse spec-test.wast, and write verbose output to stdout (including the meaning of every byte)
$ wat2wasm spec-test.wast -v


wasm-interp(1), wasm-objdump(1), wasm-opcodecnt(1), wasm-strip(1), wasm-validate(1), wasm2c(1), wasm2wat(1), wast2json(1), wat-desugar(1), spectest-interp(1)


If you find a bug, please report it at
December 17, 2018 Debian